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' rbalfalasi ' is an Emirati social media celebrity, comedian, DJ, all-around entertainer, and entrepreneur. Rashed is in the top 50 social media influencers in the UAE . all known for his hilarious comedy skits, living through three different characters who are relatable to the UAE population. He posts his content on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

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The Three characters

Three characters

FOX ثعلب

Master planner. Likes to flirt. A show-off.   The only one who has a  brain.   Doesn't like to fight,   but seems to create drama.

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  Zaytoon زيتون 

The nervous one.   Loving personality.   Tries to integrate into the group in any way possible. Always being bullied and trying to prove his character.

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Cobra كوبرا

Never smiles or laugh. Hates everyone yet is loved by everyone. He is  The Boss.

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